Professional-grade sporting goods, reliable infrastructure, expert training and development are some of the core building blocks of any modern sports ecosystem.

Unfortunately, most school children have little access to quality sporting facilities. Owing to a lack of awareness and funds, schools struggle to provide students with even basic sports necessities like safety equipment or playing surfaces. Furthermore, only a privileged few have access to professional-grade equipment and many coaches still employ archaic training methods that don't do justice to a young sportsperson's potential. Because of this lack of access to quality sporting resources, children who exhibit tremendous potential find it harder to reach their aspired levels of sporting success.

AJIF wants to make access to quality sport a right of all. We believe that by combining the right tools with the talent, passion and drive of today's youth, we can ensure that every child who aspires to become India's next Saina Nehwal or next Dhyan Chand has all the guidance they need to pursue their sporting dreams.

Help improve access to quality sport