Almost every famous sportsperson, regardless of their level of success, has always had some kind words to say about that one person-that one mentor-who either inspired them to pick up a sport or gave them the guidance they needed to take their skills to the next level.

As a platform, AJIF aims to give children the opportunity to connect with the right people and pave a path forward in the sports industry, either as an athlete or a sports expert. Our mentorship program aims to give budding athletes a helping hand towards pursuing the sport of their choice, as well as talented individuals, the guidance they need to pursue a professional career in the sports industry.

While it is important to give everyone an equal opportunity to take part in sports, it is also equally important that all sports be given an equal level of importance. If a child wishes to pick up a tennis racket instead of a cricket bat, we want to ensure they receive the same advantages and chances as they would otherwise.

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